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She Found Motherhood Podcast

Mar 6, 2024

Today Kelsey shares with us her birth story with an admirable openness and generosity of spirit, despite having to navigate a pregnancy and birth with more than one unexpected twist and turn. She speaks to Dr. Sarah about how her Birth Plan and birth education equipped her to anticipate various decisions she might encounter - and how she also had to embrace the unpredictable nature of childbirth when the “right” path became unclear. 

Tune in to hear her full story, including how therapy aided her in processing her experience in pregnancy and postpartum, and navigating any undue feelings of guilt when things didn’t go as planned.

We must acknowledge that birth is unpredictable, but having a plan can help. Drs. Sarah and Alicia have created a free mini Birth Plan course for you to work through with your partner and care provider! Sign up here to receive it and keep an eye out for our 4-part video series in your email on how to fill out your Birth Plan Template!