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She Found Motherhood podcast

May 26, 2021

Dr. Sarah chat's candidly with Erin and Dr. Stephen Mitchell from @couples.counesling.for.parents about the transition from being a couple to being parents and dealing with the challenges of pregnancy loss and parenting while maintaining a relationship. 

Erin and Dr. Stephen are the creators of 'Create Your Couple Story' and have offered our listeners a discount code if you're interested in purchasing their course enter: SFM2021 at checkout! 

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Dr. Stephen Mitchell holds a PhD in Medical Family Therapy from Saint Louis University. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a professor, and a web-based relationship educator. Erin AB Mitchell, MACP has her Masters in Counseling Psychology and works as a web-based relationship educator. They are working on 12 years of being married and enjoy working together. Erin and Stephen are the co-founders of Create Your Couple Story. They speak and write about couple health and wellness. Their mission is to guide couples into deeper connection and healing through story telling.