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She Found Motherhood Podcast

Jun 30, 2021

Placenta Previa is a relatively common condition that affects approximately 2/100 pregnant people - including our very own Dr. Alicia who experienced it in both of her pregnancies!


Things that may cause Placenta Previa in pregnant people include: 

  1. Advanced maternal age over 35
  2. Infertility treatments
  3. Multiparady: Multiple Pregnancies
  4. Multiple Gestation: Multiple Placentas
  5. Short time between pregnancies ...and more!


While often a painless experience, placenta previa can pose risk to both the pregnant person and baby, and complications can call for the need of a caesarian section. Tune it to today’s podcast to learn more about who it may affect, how it may affect you, and what treatments are available should you experience it.