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She Found Motherhood podcast

Dec 15, 2021

Today Dr. Alicia and Dr. Pip Houghton, founder of Making Mama Well, discuss a topic that is near and dear to their hearts - how to babyproof your relationship. The arrival of a newborn will undoubtedly create a new dynamic within your family unit, and while it brings great joy, we also run the risk of being blindsided by the challenges of this shift while also experiencing heightened stress due to increased responsibilities and lack of sleep. The best remedy is to have a discussion with your partner and lay out a plan before the arrival of baby - but it’s never too late! Listen to this podcast for four tips on how to go about it and what to address!

Fair Play by Eve Rodsky

The Well Postpartum Mama Guide

  • Many new mamas find themselves overwhelmed with postpartum. This guide will take you through some of the less openly discussed aspects of postpartum and fill you with reassurance that you are not alone.

Newborn Sleep 101

  • Newborns are sweet little packages who tend to not like their parents to sleep! But we can help them sleep better and as a result parents can sleep better as well!